The Armitage Jones story began in 2014. Founding Directors, Olivia Christie and Sonya Miller shared a simple purpose – to bring together a team with diverse property experience, who see everything in the positive and share a passion to see each project reach its full potential.

This purpose came from the realization that there was a gap in the market for a property development advisory that could draw on the skillset of a team that was not being met by traditional project management services.


Today Armitage Jones has bridged that gap and emerged as one of Australia’s leading property advisory, development management and project management consultancies. Our completed projects portfolio includes world class properties with a combined construction value in excess of $1 billion. Our successful delivery of these projects has seen us continue to secure repeat work with our clients who appreciate our understanding of what matters to them.



Our success is the result of the collective experience of our team. Our people drive the creativity in our business. This comes from sharing knowledge, encouraging each other to think outside the box and a true belief that you can’t solve problems with the same thinking that created them.    

We would love to hear from you to talk more about how we go about property development advisory differently.